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  • Cool 'N Dry Shammy


    Cool 'N Dry for Pets is an extremely durable and hydrophilic sponge polymer towel. It literally loves water! Used wet, it cools your pet on a hot day or dries them off after a bath or sudden shower. Cool 'N Dry has a dimple texture on one side (for cooling) and a smooth surface on the reverse side (for drying).

    The Cool 'N Dry is Multifunctional:

    When Your Pet's Hot ... It Cools: On hot days, the Cool 'N Dry will keep your pet cool. Simply wet and drape over your dog, horse, or pet. Or, use it as a cooling mat. Use during or after walks, competitive events, or if your pet has a fever.

    When Your Pet's Wet ... It Dries: It will dry your pet completely in just a matter of seconds. And, it doesn't drip. Use after baths, rain, or snow showers, or any time your pet gets wet. Great for cleaning paw prints off the kitchen floor.